Expect to be warmly welcomed by our friendly greeters.  Help yourself to a cup of coffee, tea, or treat. Dress however you are comfortable! We are a casual group, some wear jeans, others enjoy dressing up a bit. It's up to you.









Expect the service to start about 10:00 with about 30-40 minutes of worship and prophetic words of encouragement with a band (keys, vocals, guitar & drums) – we realize this is a bit longer than some churches, but we enjoy having some freedom to express our worship in many ways, some enjoy just sitting, some use flags and even shofars. Every week has its own flavor, sometimes we sing congregational choruses, sometimes we just enjoy pressing in with a new song that day. After worship kids are dismissed to Kids Church, and following a time of giving and announcements there is a 30-40 minute teaching. Service releases before 12:00.


We value the opportunity to serve your children and offer a safe, loving environment where they can have fun, grow, and learn about God.


Do not expect to  be singled out in any way. There is no obligation to give unless you feel led. It is our passion to offer a non-judgemental environment void of the religious traditions that sometimes get in the way of discovering God’s heart for us. So know you are welcome, accepted, and loved as you are.